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snap-it developing

The easiest way to get your camera developed

let's go

WE make it easy

Film developing has never been so easy, you send the camera to us, we send your photo's to your phone 


Step 1.

Click "lets go", here you will purchase your developing! With this you will receive an email with your return label to ship your camera back to us!


Prepare your camera, write your order number on the small white bubble on the bottom of your camera! (4 digit number, this number can be found on your order conformation email)

*order number must be written on camera for Snap-It to develop your camera, we are not responsible for lost cameras if step 2 is not completed

Step 3.

Send the camera back to us, simply leave your camera in your mailbox or leave at your local USPS office!

Step 4.

Enjoy your memories, 24 hours after we receive your camera your photos' will be sent directly to your phone for you to enjoy!

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