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Snap-It  - Oct 18 2021

The question asked by many, "what is a Snap-It Box"

Dating back to the 80's disposable cameras have been an essential for people of all ages around the world. Disposable cameras are small, durable, 35mm film cameras that are good for a single use, meaning after all the photos on that given roll of film are taken, the camera is to be thrown away or recycled. If your familiar to disposable cameras, you most likely know 2 of the biggest names in the space, they will not be named directly in this article but rather referred to "old' and "older". Now that we got our quick history lesson out of the way it's time to answer our most asked question, "what is so special about a Snap-It Disposable Camera? Snap-It is the world's only Disposable Camera subscription box, meaning customers receive a brand new disposable camera every 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the delivery option the customer chooses! Now getting a new camera on a regular basis, but what do you do about developing that camera? Now this is where Snap-It shines, customer can choose include developing with there subscription. In there subscription box, a prepaid mailer will lay at the bottom of the box. Once the camera is full of photos, customers can place the camera in the prepaid mailer and leave it in there mailbox. The camera will be sent to our developing studio where our team developing all photos within 24 hours. Once photos are developed customers receive an email link where they can easily save and share there photos. Disposable Cameras have been a favorite for millions around the world for years, with a little bit of modern technology, Snap-it is brining this icon to the 21st century.

Let's get started

Not only is Snap-It modernizing the disposable camera, they are making it more affordable too. With cameras starting at only $13.99 and subscription's with developing at only $29.99. Start making memoires today on a Snap-It disposable camera by visiting to get started! 

A Photo taken by a Snap-It Ambassador

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