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What is included in my subscription?

Our subscriptions are broken into 3 categories (Dispo, Adventurer, and GOAT) 

  • Dispo- Included will be your Snap-It disposable camera, this camera does not include developing but can be developed at at any time
  • Adventurer- Included will be your Snap-It disposable camera, as well as a prepaid return mailer for developing.   
  • GOAT- Included will be your Snap-It disposable camera, as well as a prepaid return mailer for developing.   

How do I receive my developed photos?

Once your camera is full of photos place it in your return label and leave it in your mailbox or drop off at your local USPS office. Once our team receives your camera we will develop it within 24 hours and text you a link. With this link you will be easily able to view, save, and share your Snap-it Photos! 

Do we offer physical prints?

We currently do not offer physical prints, our team is hard at work to make this possible soon! 

If I bought developing separately how do I get my shipping label?

If you purchased our developing option separate from your camera, a developing label as well as a developing form will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Please use this label to send back your camera for developing.

How do I contact support?

If you ever need to contact one of our amazing support representative's, please use the contact us bottoms location at the top and bottom of our site! Please do not contact our support team via social medias as they will not be able to provide you with he necessary assistance. 

Is my camera recycled?

YES, to do all we can to save our amazing environment,  our team fully recycles all cameras shells!

I am missing photos, where did they go?

Unlike digital photos, film requires sufficient lighting for a photo to expose properly.  The biggest cause of a photos not coming out is when a photo is shot at night or in a dark area without the flash armed. To ensure you make the most out of your Snap-It disposable camera, ensure the flash is armed at all times. 

If all your photos were taken with the flash armed or in bright conditions and you are still missing photos, your film could be damaged form heat  or water. To ensure your film stays undamaged, please ensure your camera is kept in a cool dry location when possible. 

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