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Snap-It 12/31/21

A Year On Film

Image Captured on  a Snap-It Disposable Camera

The last year has been full of memories that we will cherish for a lifetime, from launching our site to road tipping around the country it has been to say the least a year to remember.  Throughout this year the Snap-It team has pushed through the uncertainty of the pandemic and improved upon our product each and every day! As a team we had some amazing improvements this year, but with 2022 on the horizon, we have even bigger goals! Keep reading to see some of the big changes to your favorite disposable camera next year!

What's new in 2022

Color Options: One feature that we know you are going to love is different color options for our disposable cameras, we know you love our signature camera, but everyone could use a bit of color in there life!

Faster Developing: One of our biggest goals for 2022 is to make our developing service even better than it already is! Our team is moving to text message for photo delivery to ensure a faster, more reliable delivery of your photos!

Professional Disposable Cameras: Professional grade film in a disposable camera... say whattt

Top Secret Projects: There is so much more coming to Snap-It in 2022, unfortunately we cant say what just yet, but we can say your not gonna want to miss it!

Thank You

From the whole Snap-It team we thank you for making 2022 a year to remember, now grab a camera, grab a friend, and go make some memories in 2022!

Article credit : Snap-It Disposable Cameras

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