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Ambassador Information

The Snap-It ambassador program was designed to be as transparent and easy to partake in as possible, on this page you will find all you need to know about the Snap-It ambassador program. Snap-It reserves the right to make changes to this program at any given time. In this page we will use words like (you, your, ambassador) to describe an induvial who is looking to be an ambassador. We will also use words like (we, us, our, Snap-It) to describe the brand of Snap-It.

How Can You Get Started

Getting started is easier than you may think, simply click on the "be an ambassador" tab on There you will find all the steps to start your journey as a Snap-It ambassador.

How Can You Make Money

The Snap-It ambassador program was designed to be an easy way for anyone 16 years of age + and a current resident of the United States of America. When signing up for the Snap-It ambassador program you are agreeing that you are 16 years of age + and a current resident of the United States of America. Our ambassador program is a commission based program where you get a commission based off the sales made through your custom referral link. All sales made through your custom referral link will get you a 10% commission of those sales. Snap-It will host limited time events where commission in increased for a short period of time, all ambassador will be notified via email, Snap-It will not remain liable for for any ambassadors that did not receive the email notifying them of this event.

How Do I Get Paid

Payments of your earned commission will be made every Friday. All of our payments are made through PayPal. There is no minimum threshold for payments. Any ambassador that makes over $600 will be sent a 1099 to fill out.

How Do I Promote Snap-It

Snap-It is one of the easiest brands to promote as we do not require any specific requirements. Unlike many brands that give specific promotion scripts/ posts, Snap-It leaves the promotion ideas totally up to the creators. Snap-It can be promoted on all of your favorite social medias and if you tag us (@snapitbox) we might even re post it to our social medias. 

Reposting Your Content 

Snap-It reserves the right to repost any social content made with a Snap-It product to our social medias. If you tag (@snapitbox) it will increase your chances of being features on one of our social medias as it increases the likelihood of us seeing it.

Why A One Time Fee Of 

Confused why there is a one time fee, no worries we are here to answer that question. There is a one time fee to becoming an ambassador so that we can get your your very own Snap-It camera to promote. This camera will not include any developing from Snap-It as its main priority is to help you promote the Snap-It brand. Snap-It ambassador camera can be developed for an extra fee through our "developing" option. Camera can also be developed at any shop that develops film, CVS, or Walgreens.

Snap-It Promoting Our Ambassador Program

At Snap-It we take great pride in promoting our ambassador program, we often use phrases like "you can make $100's of dollars a week" and "this program will make you $100's of dollars" Snap-It is not guaranteeing any success with our ambassador program. The more time and effort you put into our ambassador program on average the more success you will have. (success defining how much money you will make) If you sign up for our ambassador program and never promote it anywhere it is very unlikely you will have any sales therefore you will make no commissions. On the other hand it you put much work into our ambassador program and promote it very often you can expect to achieve greater success. This is a commission based program where the ambassador promotes Snap-It, any sales made through the ambassadors referral link will get the ambassador a 10% commission paid weekly, Snap-It can not guarantee any success for any ambassador of our program.

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