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Snap-It 01/14/21

How to take better disposable camera photos 

Image Captured on a Snap-It Disposable Camera

Disposable cameras are the easiest and most convent way to capture photos on film, simply spin the dial, charge the flash, and Snap away! Although its strait forward how to capture photos and super easy to do so, there are a few hidden tips and tricks you can do to improve your disposable camera photos!

Tips and Tricks 

Charge Flash : Similar to a digital camera, film cameras require sufficient lighting for the film to expose properly. Without proper lighting your film will not fully expose leaving you with a near blank exposer. To ensure your photos expose properly, ensure your flash is armed at all times, especially when in dark scenarios.

Stand 3-5 meters away
: Unlike a slr film camera, you are unable to adjust the  focus on a disposable camera. To ensure your photos are in-focus stand roughly 3-5 meters away form your main subject. If you are taking a photo of the landscape and there is no main subject, ensure the environment you are in is well lit. The focal length for every disposable camera is slightly different but the industry average is 3-5 meters.

Steady Hands:
Although it seems like common sense, keep a steady hand when taking a photo! Your are unable to change the shutter speed on your disposable camera so a steady hand is key!

Imperfections are the best memories: The great thing about disposable cameras is capturing what is truly happening in the moment! If every photo isn't perfect, don't sweat it, just know you are living in the moment and capture memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Have Fun With Your Camera

With these easy tips and tricks you are guaranteed to improve your disposable camera experience! But remember, its not always about the photo, its about the memories!

Article credit : Snap-It Disposable Cameras

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