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Snap-It 02/08/22

We left a camera downtown and you won't believe what happened

Image Captured on a Snap-It Disposable Camera 
by a stranger

So what do you think would happen if you left a disposable camera in a busy downtown area. Last month our team ran an experiment, we left one of our disposable cameras outside of a popular shop down town with a note on the back saying '"take a pic and leave for someone else". We left the camera for 2 weeks thinking one of two things were going to happen. One the camera would be stolen or two only a few pictures would have been taken. It was to our surprise that when our team went pick up the camera it was still there and fully of pictures. 

Excited too see what people did with our camera our team took it right back to our photo lab to quickly develop it. Below are some amazing photos taken by complete strangers.

This experiment brought smiles to all our faces, seeing total strangers smiling and taking pictures on our cameras was the absolute coolest feeling. Our team is looking to leave cameras in so many more cities around the nation. If you want to help us out with this, please contact our support team, we will send you a camera and a quick sheet on what to do!

Article credit : Snap-It Disposable Cameras

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